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Love Guy Harvey? Visit the Guy Harvey Outpost in St. Pete Beach, Fl, Bahamas, and beyond.

Eco-friendly, active, and relaxing, you won’t be disappointed!

I fell in love with Guy Harvey when visiting Grand Cayman. I just got done diving for my first time and strolled into a shop where his shirts hung proudly. I grabbed one and learned a little bit about him and what he does for our waters. He does so much for ocean conservation and more.

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Organic & Fair Trade Keurig Coffees

We love our Keurig because we don’t drink that much coffee (but hate the waste – stay tuned for ways to upcycle those pesky K-Cups coming in the next week).

If you’re looking for some good Organic and/or Fair Trade Keurig K-Cups, here you go!


  • Green Mountain Coffee
    • Colombian Fair Trade Select
    • Our Blend
    • Vermont Country Blend
    • WIld Mountain Blueberry
  • Timothy’s World Coffee
    • Colombian Excelencia
  • Van Houtte
    • 100% Colombian Fair Trade
    • Creme Caramel
    • Swiss Water Decaf Organic
  • Millstone
    • Breakfast Blend
  • Wolfgang Puck
    • Sorrento Fair Trade

These Coffees are Organic & Fair Trade

  • Marley Coffee
  • Green Mountain Coffee
    • Espresso Blend
    • Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold
  • Timothy’s World Coffee
    • Nicaraguan Fair Trade Organic Extra Bold
  • Van Houtte
    • Amazonia Fair Trade & Organic
    • Mexico Fair Trade & Organic
    • Peru
  • Newman’s Own Organics
    • Newman’s Own Organic Special Blend Decaf
    • Newman’s Own Organics Special Blend Extra Bold

This coffee is listed as only Organic:

  • Coffee People
    • Coffee People Organic

Did I miss some? What is your fave?

Don’t forget to look for the Rainforest Alliance label too! If you could get a trifecta of all of them, that would be awesome!

What Is “Fair Trade Certified”?

We’ve seen this label and we’ve heard about a product being “Fair Trade Certified”, but what does it actually mean?

According to Fair Trade USA, Fair Trade means just that, Fair. It means that wherever your product came from, that has this label, the farmers were treated fairly, given great working conditions, and promotes sustainability. The farmers were also paid a fair amount for the production of your product. The farmers are also held to a higher environmental and social standards.

So, whenever you can buy “Fair Trade Certified”, please do. You’re helping out more than you know!

For more information on Fair Trade Certified products and their practices, please visit


Fair Trade USA. (2015).


5 Steps to a Bee-Friendly Garden // Sierra Magazine



This pic was actually taken in my backyard. I love getting these guys in action!

This article was great. I have tried gardens, more vegatable gardens, and I just can’t get them right. So I resorted to flowers. They’re pretty and they attract butterflies and BEES! I love honeybees, I think they’re adorable even though one did sting me while pregnant. Poor thing, wasn’t his fault!

According to Julie Eng, Sierra Magazine, if you have aphids, spray them with garlic oil. Are there a ton of slugs learching around? Egg shells will make them go away (although my four year old would not be ok with that – he loves slugs!).

The following steps were taken from, written by Jule Eng – click for the website’s full article and more details. Here are five steps to bee friendly gardens:

  1. Know your plants.
  2. Buy Organic.
  3. Be Pesticide-Free.
  4. Know your natural predators.
  5. Know your pest.


Eng, Julie. (2015). 5 Steps to a Bee-Friendly Garden.

Seven Day Menu Plan // Gluten Free Dinners!


I’m 100% gluten free, but some of my family are not. Therefore, finding meals that aren’t super boring and fit for everyone can be a challenge.

Here is a seven day meal plan for you! Gluten Free and not hard on the taste buds either! Plus, they take very little time or about 30 minutes!

  • Monday – Meatless Monday – Avocado Mac & Cheese


  • Tuesday – Shepards Pie


  • Wednesday – One Pot Tomato Basil Pasta


  • Thursday – Meatloaf Cupcakes


  • Friday – Leftovers/Go out
  • Saturday – Chicken Quesdillas
  • Sunday – Pork Chops, Rice, and a veggie side (gotta throw a boring one in there!)
    • You don’t need a recipe for this – throw some pork chops in the oven, cook up some rice and veggies – DONE!

Links to all of them if you click on the name/pic!

You’re welcome!


Rainforest Alliance Certified // What Does it Actually Mean?


We all recognize this little seal. It’s on a lot of our foods we buy (whether you buy organic or not). You’ll find it mostly on food cartons such as; coffee, chocolate, teas, fruit, flowers, and even furniture. It must mean something good…but what exactly?

What this cute little frog means is that the ingredients found inside the items you’re buying either came from or has ingredients that have been sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and/or forests.

For a forest or farm to become Rainforest Alliance Certified, they must follow very strict environmental, social, and economic criteria set by SAN (Sustainable Agricultural Network). SAN is the “oldest and largest” non-profit organization. They conserve and promote agricultural sustainability in areas such as America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. The criteria in place is set to protect wildlife, soils and waterways, and workers. It enables long term sustainability.

According to the, when SAN does their audits (surprise audits as well) to the farms who are Rainforest Alliance Certified, they check that the following criteria:

  • Sustain or add tree cover
  • Sustain soil quality and prevent erosion
  • Protect wildlife
  • Ensure the well-being of workers and their families by facilitating access to education and healthcare

Now you have a little more background in what this cute little emblem means. For more information, please visit the Rainforest Alliance website at; and Sustainable Agricultural Network at; Sign up for their newsletter, donate, and stay informed.

~ Kari Clift, Earth-Chic blogger, wife, and mother.


Rainforest Alliance Certified. (2015).

Sustainable Agriculture Network. (2015)


Skinny & Gluten Free Alfredo // Meatless Monday



This recipe was AWESOME! I don’t think I’ll ever use a jar alfredo sauce again! I had my mom and grandfather over for dinner, so I doubled this and it made a TON. I was able to freeze some and have the hubby take some home for lunches.

We also used this new lactose free milk called Fairlife. They use sustainable practices, cows are kept comfortable and lead happy lives, they feed their cows what they grow, and they claim their milk is rBST free. rBST is a hormone that is given to cows produce a lot more milk than they should naturally. So, I thought let’s give it a go!

Here is what you’ll need (for one batch – if you want more, double it – it makes A LOT):

  • 12 Oz Barilla Gluten Free pasta (or your favorite) I used speghetti, but you can use any kind.
  • 1 TBS Olive Oil
  • 2 Cloves Garlic
  • 3 TBS Flour (I used Ultra Gel, it’s a non-GMO Gluten Free thickener – only because I didn’t have any GF flour around!)
  • 1 Cup Chicken Broth
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 3/4 FRESH Parm cheese
  • a good handful of fresh basil

How to do it:

  • Boil the pasta according to the package
  • Heat the olive oil on Med/High heat
  • Add Garlic and saute for a minute
  • Sprinkle in the flour and heat it up for a minute or two
  • Add chicken broth slowly, whisking as you go
  • Add milk the same way, whisking as you go
  • Let that mixture simmer for a bit and come to a slight boil
  • Add Parmesan cheese and mix until it’s melted
  • Reduce heat and let thicken for a bit

Pour pasta in a big bowl and pour the alfredo sauce on top. Chop up your basil and put it on top. Add Salt/Pepper to taste and serve!

This was so good and no one even noticed that there was no meat!

~ Kari Clift, Wife, Mother, Blogger

2015 Is a Year of Change



I feel like 2015 is a year of change – positive change to clarify. Although I’ve changed so much in the last three years, for some reason this year signifies a lot more. Maybe it’s because we’re moving, but it’s not just me. A lot of close friends and family have gone through a major shift as well. Whether it be internally or externally, it’s all for the best.

I really loved playing with the project Working Mom Connection and seeing what avenue it takes me. I have always had a love for connecting and helping eachother. I’ve decided to steer WMC into a new direction. I’m going to keep it a personal blog, but on the sustainability end. I’m not sanctimonious. Whatever it is that you do to help this earth we live on stay around longer and to calm Mother Nature’s nerves, that’s what I want to hear about.

Watch for more changes and more opportunities to share what you do to help her (Mother Nature). I don’t want it to be a political site, but sometimes there could be opinions shared that could bring on some heat, I just ask we all be respectful to each other.

I’m REALLY excited about this. The name on FB will officially change if they approve me – I don’t see why they wouldn’t…:)

Share, inspire, and create!

Easy Chicken Quesadillas – Gluten Free

No pictures with this one – I made up my own recipe and never took pics! We actually had them not too long ago!

What you’ll need:

  • Corn tortillas
  • 1 pound chicken (I used Greenwise chicken thighs – they’re so economical and great for these types of recipes, plus you can get them for about $5-$7 for Greenwise (no antibiotics/hormones) at Publix.
  • Taco seasoning (GF of course)
  • Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Salsa
  • Anyother of your favorite taco garnish

What to do:

  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Sautee the chicken in coconut oil
  • When done, pour a tad of water in the pan and sprinkle taco seasoning to taste
  • Let absorb a minute
  • On a baking sheet, place corn tortillas on the botton, my pan takes about four
  • Put the chicken mixure on each of the tortillas, not too thick, but enough
  • Sprinkle cheese on each of them
  • Put another tortilla on top
  • Bake for about 15 minutes
  • Serve with your garnish!

I cut mine for the kinds into triangles so they can dip – so easy and fun to eat!

Avocado Mac and Cheese



You need:

  • 8-12 oz of pasta
  • 2 Avocados, peeled and such of course
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic
  • 2 Tbsp Fresh Lime Juice
  • Fresh Cilantro, about a 1/3 cup
  • S&P to taste
  • 2 Tbsp Butter/Coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp flour (gf)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 cups shredded cheese of your choice (pepper jack is good to give it a kick, but monterey works too).

What to do:

  • Cook pasta according to directions
  • While the pasta is cooking, make avocado sauce. Grind up the garlic, avocados, lime juice, cilantro, S&P in a blender or food processor until smooth and creamy. Set aside for a minute.
  • For the cheese sauce, put the butter/coconut oil in a sauce pan. When melted whisk in flour to create a paste. Then, whisk in your milk until smooth. Stir with a wooden spoon until the sauce starts to thicken. Add cheese and stir until the cheese is melted and creamy.
  • Once pasta is done, put into a large bowl. Pour avocado sauce over pasta and stir until well coated. Next, add the cheese sauce and stir until macaroni is coated and creamy. Season w/ S&P!

Yum, yum, yum!

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